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Standard of Service

Quality is Remembered long after price is forgotten………

Time is Money upholds a consistent standard of superior service, solutions, promptness, reliability and creativity. We are motivated to help our clients make their life more manageable and assist them to achieve balance in all facets of their life. We are successful only when we assist our clients to achieve success, satisfaction, productivity and sustainability in their work initiatives, personal life and corporate objectives.

We understand that your time is money. In an effort to deliver positive experiences every single time we administer to our client's needs, we record all pertinent client information necessary in creating client profiles. We are in continual and direct contact with our clients via phone or email to ensure that all services meet expectations. Again, this is part of our open communication and we encourage all clients to express their thoughts, suggestions and concerns. Furthermore, we regularly send out client surveys to review the opinions and views of clients regarding different areas of our company.

We strive to develop a rewarding and special relationship with our clients. Our number one priority is to make your life easier and give you back time to enjoy the things, people and experiences that are important to you!

Time is a precious commodity. 
Life in the 21st century has become exceedingly hectic and stressful. We feel pulled in many directions and struggle to juggle chaotic schedules, active children, couples with no time together, families who rarely eat meals together, and the constant pile of emails, junk mail, bills payments and household chores. We find it difficult to schedule day to day errands while adhering to professional mandates.

What's Your Time Worth? 
The global 24/7 economy has caused the boundaries between work and life to blur. We may have more material comforts, but our quality of life has been dramatically reduced due to the fast pace we now experience.

Who has time anymore? Where do the hours in the day go? 
No matter how we plan and schedule; we don't have the free time to relax spend time with our loved ones nor take time off to do the things we love. At the end of the day we feel exhausted from the increasing demands of the workplace and personal commitments that seem to dictate our time. We end up spending our weekends checking off "to do lists", leaving ourselves wishing for another few days to the weekend - to actually enjoy the weekend we missed.

About Us

Time Is Money CalgaryWho We Are

Time Is Money Executive Concierge Inc., located in Calgary Alberta, performs your time consuming YET essential tasks, so you can concentrate on the important things and people, in life. We manage the growing "to do" lists, easily, efficiently and conveniently. We are built on the philosophy of making your life less complicated, assisting you achieve success, satisfaction, productivity, balance and sustainability in your work initiatives, personal life and corporate objectives.

The majority of our clients are Executives, VP's, upper management and busy families. They do appreciate our ability to seamlessly combine business knowledge, interpersonal/creative skills and immaculate customer service.

By saving you time, you have the opportunity to rescue some of the time that slips away every day. You can enjoy your evenings and weekends the way you envision; doing things that you really want to do.

Seventeen years ago we were the first concierge organization to establish the Executive Concierge Industry in Calgary and Alberta. Subsequently, we have set the standards for subsequent entrepreneurs. As a result we have been featured nationally, regionally and locally in many forms of media, highlighting our distinctive and professional services.

In the past 10 years, Time Is Money has launched a Gift Basket/Corporate Gifting Division, a Cleaning Division, a Wedding Planning Division, a Las Vegas VIP Division and most recently Senior Concierge Services.

We are not limited by our physical location or connections.

From Glamour to Janitor- We can help you!

About Cynthia

Time Is Money Executive Concierge Inc. was conceived by Cynthia Pickering. Following her convocation in Finance from the University of Saskatchewan, she worked in the Energy Industry for 8 years as a Credit Analyst and Manager. During her demanding career, she experienced first hand and observed in others, the time constraints and stresses of juggling everyday professional and personal obligations. These occupational experiences established the groundwork for the concept of a Concierge Service company in Calgary.

Cynthia is able to integrate her professional experience with her creativity and people skills, to bring exceptional customer service, efficiency and organization to her clients. Combined with her knowledge and passion for travel, Cynthia is able to offer her clients a diverse understanding of cultures and in-depth travel advice. She has visited over 20 countries, including living in Europe for one year and driving extensively through Iceland, Australia, Canada, USA and Mexico.

The team at Time Is Money shares Cynthia's passion for efficiency, organization, attention to detail and meticulous professionalism. We work together to seamlessly ensure clients can manage their commitments and lives with less stress and more enjoyment.

Contact us today and discover how we can help you reclaim your leisure time and re-establish balance and enjoyment in your busy life.