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Our client testimonial page highlights a small fraction of our client satisfaction. If you prefer to speak to ANY of our clients in person, they are always open to speaking to new clients.

General Testimonials

"Cynthia you’re an angel. Thanks Super Cynthia comes to the rescue again!!"

- Anonymous

"Cynthia and her staff at Time is Money are responsive, professional and flexible. When I needed to relocate last year, the drew up a full service plan - from picking up supplies, packing and the move-out clean to managing the movers, cutting keys, arranging furniture and recycling the boxes - they did it all! When dates changed and time lines slipped, Cynthia and the team adapted along with me. Time is Money is the ONLY company I trust for my family's needs."

- Jacqueline Morgan

"As a new mother for the third time, I was immensely grateful for Cynthia's efforts and know-how.  She not only helped me get through Christmas without losing my mind, but she continues to amaze and delight me with her suggestions on everything from fixing a pair of shoes to providing gifts for my son's birthday party.  Quite frankly, I don't know how I managed before I was introduced to Time is Money."

- Ellie Siebens

"Cynthia – I wanted to send my utmost thanks and appreciation for a fabulous job you did for me.  Your dedication to your craft, or should I say your passion, is awe-inspiring… thank you for absolutely everything - from arranging the delivery of meals - to making all the arrangements for our dinner party - from buying the leis to picking up the overhead screen - everything was top-notch.  I will definitely recommend you to my co-workers, and anyone else looking for help in organizing absolutely anything."

- Debbie Parsons
Administrative Assistant
Project Approvals

"I really enjoy how you take such great care and interest in everything that you do. I can really tell that you enjoy what you are doing and that makes me feel good that your going to do the right job. I think your attention to service is wonderful and I am sure you get numerous complements on how well you deal with your clients. I think you do an amazing job of wrapping, absolutely love it. And I really like the pictures by email it really involves the participant in the process."

- Dean Koeller

"We just got home this morning are thrilled to arrive to a perfect home. Thank so much for handling everything while we were away. It is so nice to get home after a long trip and not worry about doing anything other than relaxing."

- Sam & Jacqueline Corea

"Describe my experience with Time is Money? Great people, timely service. In a pinch I can always rely on your help."

- Dean Koeller

LONG VERSION:   "They allow me to focus on doing the things that make me successful professionally, while enabling me to cover my other bases (with flair I might add) that would otherwise distract me away from what I do best."

AND A SHORTER VERSION: "They do what they do best, so I can do what I do best."

- Steve Nikiforuk

"What aspect goes above my expectations? Their responsiveness. I have had many last minute requests that were handled exceptionally."

- Phil Welch

Hi Cynthia,

"I'm loving the house!  You guys did an amazing job organizing the house and it is sooo much easier to keep it clean and tidy and find the kids stuff!!"

- Karin Langdon

"Our experience with Time Is Money was outstanding. Nothing is beyond the scope of Time Is Money."

- Tara W.

"Hi Cynthia – WOW! What professionalism you demonstrate!  You will definitely go down in my memory as a great referral to all our Saskatchewan friends who seem to move to Calgary!"

- Carleen Desautels

"I was invited to go skiing in Lake Louise but still hadn't purchased my ski wear and gear for the season. When the store didn't have my size in the pants I wanted, and it was approaching closing time, I called Time Is Money and asked if they could drive to the NW location and deliver those much needed ski pants to my door that same night! Although it was short notice, Time Is Money made sure my ski pants were hand delivered to my door by 10pm that same evening.

When I called Cynthia, I was impressed at how pleasant and efficient she was to deal with especially under such time constraints. I couldn't have gone skiing without you! It's good to know that someone you can trust is just a phone call away!"

- G. Zsabo

"With 2 children under 10, and 2 self employed parents, we find it hard to take care of all the little details.  Time is Money helps us with keeping our lives organized, from shopping to airline ticket reservations to restaurant reservations. We rely on Time is Money to keep us organized."

- Al and Susan Kinnear

"Lori-Ann and I want to thank-you so much for making a dream of hers’ come true- to meet Richard Branson up close!
You went beyond the call of duty and made us feel very special- who else could have got the best seats in the house?!  We will let our friends know of your extraordinary services in Calgary."

- Lawrence & Lori-Ann Keenan, Directors, Canadian as a Second Language Institute

"I have relied heavily on Time is Money in a variety of situations.  It has always been a positive experience and the tasks have been carried out efficiently and professionally.  Sometimes we wish for a clone to carry out some of the things we are too busy for and Time is Money is the closest I have ever come to having this solution be a reality."

- Patricia Saks, Sr. Property Manager

Parties, Gift Baskets & Corporate Gifting

"I've had Cynthia from Time Is Money pull together gift baskets for me over the last several years. Not only is each basket an original (you won't find any others like them in the city), and custom made, but they are spectacular! From the contents to the packaging, I simply wouldn't go anywhere else to order a gift basket."

- Ellie Siebens

"We engage Time Is Money to assist with coming up with new and diverse ideas for our employee thank-you gestures. We have diverse employee groups in several locations and thus each gift requires different and distinctive themes. Recently we needed a fresh idea for our employee Christmas gifts. Time Is Money was able to suggest unique and thoughtful alternatives, which we would not have come up with on our own. They definitely think outside of the box and work hard to understand the recipient and to come up with gifts that truly make an impression and are appreciated by all parties."

- Very private citizen, who is considered one of the wealthiest businessmen in Calgary

"Recently Peak Energy Services required a Safety acknowledgement gift for a team of employees.  Cynthia and Time is Money, was tasked with locating, purchasing and engraving of the awards.  Even though the timeline given was very short, Cynthia was able to complete the task on budget and on time. Additionally the awards were delivered in a convenient packaged bundle.  These awards were hand delivered to Fort McMurray by Peak management for presentation to the employees. The awards were very well accepted, the employees were surprised with the 'uniqueness' of the award. Because of Cynthia’s efficient and professional assistance we were able to present a notable award!"

- Bob Outhwaite, Senior Vice President

"Thank-you once again for the great evening to help make our staff Christmas party a success. In the past we’ve attempted restaurants and we found the house party to be much  more pleasurable. It was fabulous to have you and your great staff welcoming guests, serving appetizers, mixing drinks, serving the 3 course meal for 50 people and setting up all the desserts. The clean up afterwards was great; there wasn’t much for us to do after your team left. Everything was fabulous. According to all of our staff this was the best party yet!  We were all very pleased. Thanks again!"

- Sue Oliverio, Scarpone's Italian Foods

"Thank you for bringing your new company to my attention.  With the growth of Juno has experienced this last year, I have found my time stretched to the limits.  Your services helped immensely in getting our 'Holiday Wishes' out to our valued customers this year. I will definitely think of you and your company when the need arises again.  Thanks again and all the best with your new venture."

- Brad H. Alm, General Manager
Juno Environmental Services Inc.

"My goal was simple, give my Dad a great birthday present and a big surprise for his 65th birthday. The challenge, I live half a world away, and only had four days to prepare. Fortunately I found Cynthia. She was very responsive from the start, listened to my ideas, added some suggestions, did some research, put together a package, and delivered. The morning of the big day, Cynthia personally delivered a great surprise to my Dad. I spoke to him a few minutes later and you could still hear the excitement in his voice. Thanks for helping to make it a great day, you have won two new clients as a result of your great work."


Las Vegas & Travel Planning:

"For the past few years, I have used Time Is Money to organize our group trip of 10+ people to the NFR in Las Vegas, as well as personal trips throughout the years.

We always use Time for hotel reservations, dining suggestions and arrangements, ticket requirements, club and entertainment requirements. They have also organized private parties for us. They supply me with a detailed itinerary leaving me with absolutely no uncertainties. Time definitely has connections in Las Vegas that no one else in Canada has established and is always able to organize our requests quickly and professionally, no matter what we throw their way. "

- Very private citizen, who is considered one of the wealthiest businessmen in Calgary

"We used TIME in Las Vegas to provide access and efficiency for various venues. It worked perfectly despite our requests often being last minute and atypical. Ultimately they saved us time and money and provided a much better Las Vegas experience than we could have done on our own. Would not hesitate to recommend TIME. "

- Tim Douglas

"Thanks so much, Cynthia. You are by far the most helpful, thorough person I've ever dealt with for travel..."

- Tim Dyck

"We just wanted to Thank-you again for all the amazing hook ups in Vegas!! It was a very busy and crazy weekend! Seriously all the reservations really helped and made our time more enjoyable and efficient! All the Girls felt pretty important!!"

- Tammy, Danielle & Girls

"We should have known Cynthia would have her finger on the pulse of Sin City.   Well, she does- big-time.  We had obtained poor recommendations from our hotel concierge for two clubs that were not open. I knew Cynthia would have a solution.  Five minutes after my first call to her we were on the guest list for a table and bottle service at one of the hottest new clubs in town – LAX.   Upon arrival we bypassed the line, slid in the door of the club and were set with exceptional VIP service all evening.  Two nights later, Cynthia organized our VIP service at the ultra sexy TRYST. No Line, No cover, and many envious looks from everyone in the long line! Thanks for the outstanding service for the remainder of our stay Cynthia.   What a fantastic trip!  We'll definitely be calling on you again."

- Stu Nash

"What a fantastic trip my wife and friends had in Vegas during the summer of 2008. We were living it up in Vegas with fancy dinners, great shopping and loads of night life entertainment. In all, there were 16 of us that were all celebrating different events.

There was one evening in particular that we all put on our finest clothing, enjoyed a fantastic meal but wondered where to head out to for great music and a fun atmosphere in a trendy Vegas night time spot. I called my friend in Calgary as I remembered that he had a connection to someone who had many different hook ups to various venues.

While sitting in a limousine, within 10 minutes of my original call, I received a call from a Cynthia Pickering who asked me where I wished to attend that evening and with how many. I expressed an interest in the Palms Hotel and in particular the Playboy Club.

Cynthia told me to hold the line and in 4 minutes she was back with a reservation for us at the Playboy Club free of charge as long as we got bottle service. I honestly thought that this was a little quick and probably would experience some communication issue when we arrived.

As we pulled into the Palms, I explained the plan to all when we met up and we walked to the front doors of the Playboy Club. There was a line up over 100 deep and I talked to the security of the club they called the PR host and he whisked all 16 of us up to the club, put as at a table with excellent service and a spot right in the middle of the club.

Everyone was astonished at the service we received and we all felt like Hollywood Rock Stars. What a great experience it was and thanks to Cynthia for such a wonderful connection. This was too good to be true!!!!!"

- Rick Stanley - ACCESS Program Leader

Senior Testimonials

"My wife and I are very pleased with the service and efficiency of Time Is Money cleaning crew. We also appreciate the quickness at which they get the job done. "

- Andy & Virginia Mantovich

"I've enjoyed the work of Time Is Money. I appreciate their work and will certainly use their services again. "

- Maggie Savage

"We were very pleased with the work you did; vacuuming, dusting and such. It was quite exemplary. "

- Brian Bindon