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Preferred Vendors and Partners

To find out more information about our partners and affiliates, please call Time is Money directly.


“asknancy.ca is a member based community for likeminded, busy women to share and exchange information; and, meet new people, in a safe, positive online or face to face network environment.  Our members tell us what a valuable resource our site has become to them and they are constantly using it to seek recommendations on products, services and looking to see what’s hot and what’s not in fashion, décor, entertainment and more.”


The BEST way to see New York City. Keep in mind that this is not just some quickie look at the city. You will visit all the ethnic areas like Chinatown, Little Italy, Black Harlem, and Spanish Harlem. You will also see the rich and the filthy rich. While doing this, you will be also seeing all the standard sights like the Statue of Liberty, the United Nations, the World Trade Center area and the Staten Island Ferry. While touring around, if you see something that interests you and you want to go in, no big deal, we will stop and you will go in.

It’s also not a short tour- you will be picked up in a Private car at 10am and returned to your hotel between 6 and 7pm. It is a full day adventure. During our 11 hour tour we saw areas of New York City that the regular tourist would never set their eyes on and heard amazing stories from a REAL New Yorker! He has driven a New York City taxi cab on the streets of the Big Apple for thirty years and knows the city like the back of his hand.


Smiling Albino is a Canadian-Thai adventure travel developer based in Bangkok, Thailand. The company was founded in 2001.

Seven years ago Dan & Scott left the comfortable confines of the marketing world in Canada to pursue a fantastic dream: to start an innovative travel company based on the ideals of fun and personal growth. Today, Smiling Albino (SA) is a premier choice for authentic, safe and enriching personalized adventures in Thailand.

SA adventures attract professionals, 30-55. Active adventures feature modes of transport ranging from mountain bike and motor scooter to riverboat, sea-kayak, three-wheeled tuk-tuks and elephants. Guests stay in charming, comfortable accommodations and eat a wide variety of foods in venues ranging from 4-star restaurants to street-side vendors.
SA adventures are intimate, averaging six persons and never more than eight. Leaders act as hosts, rather than traditional tour guides, ensuring participants' utmost comfort. They also speak, read and write Thai.

This time... why not see a different part of the world, differently?


Parris Concierge   taking the stress out of your day

We are pleased to announce our affiliation with Parris Concierge in Toronto.  Established in 2001, Katherine Parris and her specialized team of trained consultant help individuals spend important time efficiently. With the increased demand in this market over the past four years, Parris has focused on corporate concierge services as the main thrust of her business.


Accilent Capital is a small boutique investment company in Toronto that offers eligible and accredited investors across Canada opportunities designed with returns in mind.

In just under a year, Accilent has launched 3 different investment product lines to capture the best opportunities from each alternative asset class. 2008 saw the debut from their collectible class, their wine fund – a fantastic opportunity and the first of it’s kind in Canada!

Accilent works with UK-based sub-managers known as pioneers in wine investment, and who have more than a proven track record with their own UK-based Wine Investment Fund. Through an exclusive partnership, Accilent is able to offer the same investment opportunities to Canadian investors as Wine Investment Fund Canada (WIFC)!

A small taste:
- WIFC is not a ‘futures’ or ‘en primeur’ investment scenario. The investment grade Bordeaux wine is at least 4 to 5 years old when selected for the fund, and that means it already has a market reputation, and is a lower risk.
- WIFC treats wine just like any other commodity. You don’t have to deal with the headaches of insuring and storing the wine. Our UK sub-managers handle that for you. What’s more, if the bottle happens to be vinegar, the value of your investment is protected.
- The price of wine runs independently from other stocks and bonds, and in addition, the marked trend has been a steady increase in value over the years.
- Accilent employs the same management and investment strategy as demonstrated by the Wine Investment Fund in England. Some of their success? A case [12 bottles of] Petrus 1990, bought for 10,764£ was sold at 30,000£ after a 5 year term. That’s approximately $60,000!

Raise your glass!

Although the first offering of WIFC closed in July, the second will be open to investment as soon as October! The best part is, that Accilent has partnered with Time Is Money and will be able to extend this exclusive opportunity to you! So if you are a discerning investor or a vintage loving oenophile, talk to Cynthia! The time is ripe!