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We feel seniors often need an extra helping hand and assistance with various chores and day-to-day activities. Time Is Money provides that extra help, while enabling our elder clients the opportunity to maintain their sense of independence without compromising their autonomy.

We are also aware, that many seniors do not have support that live nearby. Extended family may have their own hectic schedules, which limits availability to assist. We try to fill this gap and ensure our elders receive the most respect and care we can provide.

We are truly concerned about the well being of our senior population and do love helping each of our clients maintain their independence!

Service Rates:


$32.50 per hour/per person + GST

(2 hour minimum/1 hour increments)

Cleaning services are charged small transportation/driving fee based on where the Client is located in the city. The fee ranges from $2.50 to $7.50 per cleaning visit. Clients must provide their own cleaning supplies to prevent cross contamination.


Be aware of what can put you at risk.
We have all of the correct and legally required Auto Insurance, Commercial Business Insurance, Direct Seller Bonds and all Provincial and Municipal business licenses. Please do not accept services from anyone if they do not possess the above legal
requirements. Paying Cash is your first sign that a service provider does not have the proper legal prerequisites.