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In Search of Work and Life Balance
No TIme, Struggling to Manage Productive Workdays

In search of work & life balance

For a corporation in today's competitive environment time is at a premium. For employees, the burden of balancing work and family life leaves them struggling to manage productive workdays with their desire to enjoy a quality lifestyle outside of work. By reducing work-life struggles, individuals can enjoy a healthier lifestyle while improving productivity at work.

Leading businesses across North America have implemented on-site concierge programs as an augmentation to corporate wellness subsidies with dramatic results. SAS Corporation promotes an environment that fosters and encourages the integration of the company's business objectives with employee personal needs. Envision Financial and MDS Sciex, recipients of "Canada's 50 Best Companies to Work For", have also implemented on-site concierge programs.

Employees at companies with an onsite concierge program say it has increased their commitment to their employer, reduced their stress level, better enabled them to focus on work and helped balance their work and personal lives.

Overworked Man in ElevatorThe power of loyal employees and long-term retention is an important strategic initiative. Companies that provide Concierge Services, assist their employees in managing their time in the office more efficiently. Implementing on-site concierge results in a positive return on investment, directly affecting production and the bottom line. The result is decreased absenteeism, increased productivity, enhanced motivation and increased commitment. These programs also enable your organization to differentiate from competition and demonstrate forward thinking solutions for the well-being of the workforce.

To learn more about the proactive and progressive benefit programs that the next generation of leaders are implementing, new research regarding the benefits of on-site concierge wellness subsidies or current work/life balance statistics, please call us directly.

We look forward to working with your organization to provide innovative, budget conscious and efficient solutions for your organization and employees. This is not limited to large organizations.


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Did You Know?

80% of employees say they have a hard time juggling work and life. Aon Consulting, 2000


71 % of men 21-39 said that they would give up some of their pay for more time with their families. Radcliffe Public Policy Center


92% of employees admitted to taking personal or sick days just to get errands done.


Employees with internet access at both home and work spend an average 3.7 hours per week engaged in personal online activity while on the job.


In 2000, 26 of Fortune Magazine's "100 Best Companies to Work For" offered personal concierge services versus 15 companies in 1998.


A 2003 study found executives who worked just five fewer hours a week were happier and more productive than others who worked longer hours. The Boston Globe. by Tatsha Robertson (June 19, 2005): Between work and life there's balance

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