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Services Available
Parents and Three Kids


house sitting


child care



tailor/repair needs

bill payment

return services

CD burning

wait service

vet appointments

pet sitting

pet walking

renovation coordination

nanny services & childcare

child transportation services

Day-home Coordination


grocery shopping




examples of services

Have you ever had a service person say they will be at your house between 8 and 5 on Tuesday? Call us and we will do the waiting for you!

Do you have files of pictures downloaded from your digital camera sitting on your computer? We will do all the developing and album organization for you, so you can enjoy and show off all your special memories.

Are you going away? We can collect your mail, water the plants and ensure you have groceries in the fridge when you return.

Going to the cabin or going camping this weekend? Let us do all the errands to ensure a stress free departure.

Don’t have the time to call different golf courses to see who has tee times available? Let us do the booking for you.

Are you a busy family that is constantly on the go? We can ease your running around by taking care of recycling, housecleaning, organizing, and other household chores.

Looking to renovate or purchase a new house? Let us be your personalized project manager.  Call us to arrange contractors, interior designers or other needs.





weekend getaways

restaurant reservations

limo / car rentals

sport reservations

spa reservations

travel planning

trip research

tour recommendations

Las Vegas


examples of services

Having a dinner function? Let us take care of the catering, rentals and all other details to make it a wonderful and enjoyable evening for everyone! We can also take pictures to capture your memorable event.

Always dreamed of going to the Okanagan for a weekend of wine tours? Let us know your dates and we will ensure you have a wonderful escape.

Looking for tickets to that sold out theatre event, concert tickets or sporting game. Call us and we will locate those hard to get tickets. 

Planning your dream vacation? Use www.ytbtravel.com/timeismoney to book flights, hotels, all inclusives, cruises, car rentals and more. You can book yourself OR ask us to find the best deal.  The best part? We share a portion of our travel agent commissions with YOU! Expedia and Travelocity don’t do that!

We have visited and lived in over 25 countries and thus have connections and knowledge of many places around the world. We have organized a special “boys” weekend trip for a father and his son to San Francisco, a trip down the Grand Canyon for 10 days for 5 executives celebrating their birthdays, travel and tour recommendation for a family of 4 in Australia; to name a few!

Las VEGAS! Time Is Money is EXCITED to offer Exclusive and Specialized get-away weekends in Las Vegas. Customized packages have been developed for the sports enthusiast, music events, celebrity parties and shopping adventures. As the entertainment capital of the world, every casino is bursting  with spectacular sights, entertainment and dining. It’s not who you know in Las Vegas, it’s who WE know.

Time Is Money has developed strong and personal relationships with clubs, lounges and restaurants throughout Las Vegas to ensure your time is maximized; whisking you past the regular lines and directly into the pulse of the party.

The clubs in Las Vegas are unlike anything, anywhere in the world. Even if you don’t regularly go to nightclubs, you MUST visit the ones in Las Vegas. They are million dollar attractions. We know where to go, which club has which vibe, what nights to go where and what restaurant is the best. Ask us which club will suit your tastes and mood.




stags & stagettes



limo rentals


trip research

invitation stuffing & mailouts

celebrity tour organizing

honeymoon research & coordination

bar/bat mitzvahs

examples of services

Tomorrow is forecasted to be sunny and perfect for a BBQ. Let us know the menu and we will pick up and deliver everything to your door before you get home

Looking to have a romantic getaway this weekend, but don’t have time to plan it? We will arrange all the magical details from the time you step out of your house until the moment you arrive back home.

Are you overwhelmed with all the minute details of planning a wedding or family reunion? Make your dreams into reality by having us assist you with your event planning needs, personal touches and out of town visitor tours/arrangements. One out of every three couples use an event stylist to manage their wedding, why not you?

Wanting to entertain friends and create an intimate yet unforgettable experience in the privacy of your own home?  Let us make your ideas come to life, giving you time to actually enjoy the company and revel in the accolades.



gift ideas and research

gift certificates

gift baskets (view baskets)

special occasion shopping

hard to find gifts

international gift delivery & coordination

examples of services

Looking for the perfect gift for that significant someone but need some original ideas? Give us a call and we will do the idea brainstorming and shopping for you.

Want to buy the newest electronics or the most sought after gift, but don’t want to wait in line? We will do the waiting for you, find the best deals in the city and ensure you are able to bring a smile to that special persons face.

Do you know someone in a different part of Canada or somewhere else in the world that you need to get an important package to? Call us and we will make all the arrangements to have your gift delivered wherever they are!

Are you always looking for new and distinctive gift ideas? We are associated with many suppliers, artists and companies that offer truly unique gift ideas so your gift will make a lasting impression.




trip recommendations

car importing

tourist to city

quick referral plan

moving services

cleaning services

house hunting

community orientation

Are you moving into the city or moving to another city? We can make the transition easier with our relocation assistance services.

Are you a visitor, tourist, conventioneer or new to the city and not sure where to go or what to do? Or are you a native Calgarian who is seeking creative adventures in our beautiful city?  Time Is Money Executive Concierge Inc. offers a quick referral service, to assist you in finding your perfect spa/restaurant/tour operator/activities/etc. 

We help make your visit enjoyable by recommending the places, activities and attractions best suited to match your interests, style and time constraints. Our services are also perfect for spouses and families who are unfamiliar with the city, looking for some advice in finding their way around and getting familiarized.

Busy Calgarians can also utilize our assistance as Project Managers during the intensive home development process. Let us liaison with your contractors, interior designers, etc. so  you can concentrate on critical and profitable business operations.



family portraits


dinner parties

baby photos


special occasions



fitness and lifestyle training

image consulting

Nutrition Counseling

etiquette training


Personal Chef

Are you a busy executive who has little time to fuss over your appearance, wants to project the right kind of image in your personal and professional life, improve your overall health and fitness levels? Call us and we will ensure you find the right channels to enhance and inspire your life, and help you become all you can be.


The examples above are only a brief summary of the diverse and extensive services we offer. Challenge us today with your unique requirement.