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Travel Services

Need a getaway? Whether you are planning a family trip, a girls getaway, guys escape or romantic rendezvous, we can be a great resource for ideas and itineraries.

We are passionate about travel. For 20 years we have visited and lived in over 25 countries on our amazing planet. We have organized a special "boys" weekend trip for a father and his son to San Francisco, a trip down the Grand Canyon for 10 days for 5 executives celebrating their 50th birthday, travel and tour recommendation for a family of 4 in Australia; to name a few!

In the past 18 months, we made trips to Iceland, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Cabo San Lucas, Cancun & Mayan Riviera. Within North America we have explored Atlanta, Montreal, Quebec City, Miami, New York City, and Las Vegas an astounding 5 times!

We love to discover different destinations; their people, culture, local cuisine and non-tourist gems. Our passion for travel, unsurpassed customer service and established network of strategic partnerships, ensures your time away is spectacular, memorable and seamless.

Lastly, with our "while away" services, we can guarantee your milk is fresh and your fridge is stocked upon your return. Come home to a clean house, a serviced car and a happy pet.

Get Out of Line ...in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is our Specialty! Having been dubbed the "Canadian Vegas Queen", Time Is Money has developed strong and personal relationships with clubs, lounges and restaurants throughout Las Vegas to ensure your time is maximized; whisking you past the regular lines and directly into the pulse of the party.

There is so much that people don't know or see in Las Vegas. Your time in Las Vegas is brief- so we help ensure your time is well spent!

It's not who you know in Las Vegas-
                                      it's who WE know.

Our expertise is not limited to clubs and nightlife. Time Is Money visits Las Vegas between 2 and 4 times a year to ensure we are current on the newest and best clubs, restaurants, attractions and service vendors.

Night Life & Clubs

The clubs in Las Vegas are unlike anything, anywhere in the world. Even if you don't regularly go to nightclubs, you MUST visit the ones in Las Vegas. They are million dollar attractions.

We know where to go, which club has which vibe, what nights to go where and what restaurant is the best. Ask us which club will suit your tastes and mood.

We have DIRECT & PERSONAL connections with:

●TAO            ●LAX          ●TRYST             ●FOUNDATION ROOM
●XS              ●PURE         ●MARQUEE         ●VOODOO LOUNGE
●VANITY       ●MOON        ●MIX                 ●EVE
●RAIN           ●LAVO         ●THE BANK

The last thing anyone wants to do is wait in line.
We KNOW. We have BEEN there!

The biggest thing people are not prepared for in Las Vegas is the LINE UPS. Las Vegas nightclubs and lounges are notoriously hard to get into. It's not uncommon to be standing out front of a club for 1-2 hours on ANY night.

ON TOP OF THE LINE-UPS, you don't sit in Las Vegas clubs, unless you have VIP Bottle Service. All seats are monitored by nightclub security guards. Even the prettiest smiles won't win you a seat for your sore feet.

What is VIP Bottle Service? Bottle service usually starts at $450 per bottle per table. This includes no line and no cover. Most importantly you get a place to sit, private bathrooms, security guard, private waitress and all your drink mixes. It truly is the best way to experience the Las Vegas nightlife and the most economical for groups of 3 or more.

You don't NEED VIP Bottle Service. Through our connections we are also able to get you on the guest lists too. This is a great way to see what the clubs are like, yet bypass the lines that the rest of the general population must endure. Still, VIP Bottle Service is the only way we will experience Las Vegas.

Pool Parties:

Weekend Beach & Pool parties have become the hottest spots during the day in Las Vegas. We have exclusive & personal connections with:

●Tao Beach             ●Rehab (at the Hard Rock)            ●PALMS (Ditch Fridays)
●Wet Republic             ●Encore Beach Club     ●Marquee (Cosmopolitan)

Time Is Money specializes in Las Vegas get-aways and creating custom itineraries for:

  • Weddings and Honeymoons
  • Couple/Romantic Weekends
  • Fun Las Vegas Adventures with Friends
  • Bachelor/Bachelorette Celebrations
  • Family Festivities
  • Corporate Getaways
  • Team Building Retreats
  • Business Trade Shows

We are able to create customized packages for the sports enthusiasts, exclusive Music events, celebrity parties, shopping excursions, Grand Canyon helicopter tours, Colorado River adventures and much more!

Our unsurpassed customer service and established network of strategic partners, ensures your time away is a spectacular, memorable and seamless.

Some of our exclusive services include:

  • VIP Club Entry, Private Suites & Bottle Service
  • Restaurant Recommendations
  • Itinerary Planning
  • Wedding Planning
  • Sold-Out Show Tickets & Exclusive Event Seating (Concerts, Theatre, UFC, NBA, NFL, NASCAR, RODEO)
  • Private Transportation & Exotic Car Rental
  • Accommodations
  • Exclusive Dining & Restaurant Access
  • Tours & Excursions
  • Private Hostesses
  • Event Planning & Logistics
  • Golf Reservations & Spa Arrangements
  • Last Minute Reservations
  • Team Retreats & Business Trade Shows
  • Make-up, Hair, In-Room Massage, Photographers, Flowers


Looking to satisfy your palate? Do you want a buffet, something casual & quick or a special ambiance? The world is your oyster in Las Vegas. Ask us about our favorites for ALL price points.

Can't decide where to go?
Contact us once you get to Las Vegas and we can work our magic!

Customer Service:

Our customer care lines are available 24 hours a day. Text, BBM, Email or Call Time Is Money at 403 612 2993, cynthia@timeismoney.ca