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Why use a Concierge Service?

Who has time anymore? Where do the hours in the day go?
We often complain of increasing demands in our everyday lives. People feel pulled in many directions and struggle to juggle chaotic schedules, active children, couples with no time together, families who rarely eat meals together, and the constant pile of emails, junk mail, bills payments and household chores.

We find it difficult to schedule day to day errands while adhering to professional mandates and personal needs.

Who Benefits From a Concierge Service?

Fast Paced Life

Our services are developed for busy people – executives and employees, traveling professionals, working and over-scheduled families, tourists & visitors, small business owners, new moms/parents, recuperating patients, senior citizens.

Corporations are also seeing the benefits of offering on-site concierge services to their workforce.

What’s Your Time Worth?
The global 24/7 economy has caused the boundaries between work and life to blur. We may have more material comforts, but our quality of life has been dramatically reduced due to the fast pace we now experience.

No matter how we plan and schedule; we don’t have the free time to relax spend time with our loved ones nor take time off to do the things we love. At the end of the day we feel exhausted from the increasing demands of the workplace and personal commitments that seem to dictate our time. We end up spending our weekends checking off “to do lists”, leaving ourselves wishing for another few days to the weekend - to actually enjoy the weekend we missed.

Time Is Money Executive Concierge Inc. provides services which allow our clients to reduce their stress, alleviate pressures and spend more time doing the things that matter.


Exhausted, Overworked, Stressed People